Pictured are, from left, Molly Townsend, Faw Children’s Emergency Dental Fund; Ray Denmon, Gordon Hospital Authority Board; Nancy Nichols, Gordon Hospital Authority Board; Cortney Temples, Faw Children’s Emergency Dental Fund; and Georgette Hunt, Faw Children’s Emergency Dental Fund. Not pictured is Matt Barton, Gordon Hospital Authority Board.

Gordon Hospital Authority Board members presented a check to board members of Faw Children’s Emergency Dental Fund recently.

Marguerite Faw was the driving force behind the establishment of this program in Gordon County in 2000 for children in need of emergency dental care. Children were missing days of school because their families could not afford dental care. The program does not pay for routine care. It was created solely for emergency situations.

Faw worked tirelessly to raise funds until she passed away in 2003. The program continued with Nancy Nichols, Vickie Spence and Mary Molla managing it until the end of December 2018.

In January 2019, Cortney Temples, Georgette Hunt and Molly Townsend began serving on the Faw board. Seed money for the program came from Calhoun Woman’s Club.

Over the years, Shriners, Gordon Hospital Authority Board, St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, the Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia and generous individual donors have supported this cause.

“We hope the program will continue to thrive for many years to come as a lasting legacy to Marguerite Faw,” said Nancy Nichols, chairman of the Gordon Hospital Authority Board.

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