Gordon County Schools releases information concerning bus transportation for 2017-2018 school year

In an effort to maximize its fleet efficiency for the 2017-18 school year, the Gordon County Schools’ Transportation Department has utilized the district’s student information data to reorganize bus routes for students.

In preparation for students' first day, drivers began receiving their assigned route reports this week, complete with a student roster and contact information.

Beginning this year, each driver will be contacting the parent or guardian of those students who are listed on the route for pick-up and drop-off for the purpose of introducing himself/herself and providing information about bus stops and times, as well as to verify that information for each student continues to be correct.

The public may also see Gordon County buses on roads prior to the first day of school, as drivers will be participating in a practice run of each of their routes before school begins. Additionally, transportation personnel will be on hand at all elementary and middle school open houses to answer questions and provide additional information. During the first days and throughout the school year, schools will also be provided updated information to ensure that student information and route assignments are accurate and up to date. Anyone with questions should feel free to contact the Gordon County Schools’ Transportation department at 706-629-7366 ext. 8000.