Sarah Ostuw, director of the Gordon County Convention and Visitors Bureau, said the organization will get a new look and feel in early 2020 thanks to an ongoing rebranding effort.

A new logo, website and “cohesive marketing strategies” will all be part of the effort, she said, as the CVB works with a company called Orange 142 to update the appeal of the area.

Ostuw, who joined the CVB earlier this year, said there are a few reasons for the project, including a website that is five years old and essentially piggybacks on the look and feel of the Gordon County Chamber of Commerce’s branding, including the use of the chamber logo for the past 30 years.

“With websites, after about five years, it’s time to upgrade with the latest technologies,” Ostuw said.

The goal is to separate the convention and visitors bureau from the chamber, and to create a focused marketing effort that best represents what the area has to offer. “Really, Calhoun and Gordon County need a brand. We don’t have that right now,” she said.

Along with Orange 142, the CVB surveyed about 100 actively involved people in Calhoun and Gordon County, including chamber members, business owners, members of the 2020 Calhoun/Gordon County Leadership Class, and others.

Ostuw was pleased with the results of the survey, as the takers generally seemed to share the same ideas and feelings about the area, but she said it also showed there is no clear identity for Calhoun and Gordon County, even among those people that live and work here.

“Is it rural? Is it urban? Is it history? Is it industrial? We’ve got to figure that out,” she said.

The survey posed questions about local activities, needs, opportunities, appeal and even asked what color best represents the area. One thing that was clear from the survey is that all the takers seemed to feel like Calhoun is a “classic small town” with traditional values, Ostuw said.

“We felt really great about the answers we got,” she said.

The CVB will roll out the rebrand in either January of February.

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