On the weekend of Dec. 14-16, the public is invited to attend a major agricultural event known as the AgGeorgia Farm Credit Weekend Spectacular.

This event will consist of four livestock shows across the three days hosted by Gordon County 4-H.  Held at the Northwest Georgia Livestock Pavilion, these shows will feature 4-H and FFA members exhibiting their show animals into which they have invested an incredible amount of time and resources, all while improving themselves and learning skills to be the next generation of leaders in agriculture. Species shown will include cattle, swine, sheep and goats.  The judge for the cattle and swine shows will be Josh Cabe, and the sheep and goat shows will be judged by Taylor Langford, an alumnus of Gordon County 4-H and current Virginia Tech Ph.D. student and livestock judging coach.  The shows are generously sponsored by AgGeorgia Farm Credit.

Beginning Dec. 14 at 6 p.m., the AgGeorgia Farm Credit Heifer Show will have students exhibit their beef heifers.  The heifer show will first require the exhibitors to test their skills in a showmanship competition where they lead their heifers around the ring and show the judge that they are prepared for anything he will ask them.

In heifer showmanship, the judge will look at feet placement of the animal, proper techniques of the showman and the knowledge each has of their animals, as well as the posture and composure of the exhibitor. After this, each heifer will compete in breed classes, so the judge can give his/her opinion of the conformation of each animal, after which they will select a grand champion and top 5 overall heifers of the show.

On the docket for Dec. 15 will be the AgGeorgia Farm Credit Swine Show.   Beginning at noon p.m., youth will exhibit swine, both gilts (female) and barrows (male), in hopes of catching the eye of the judge and be selected as grand champion or top 5 in each division, Gilt and Barrow.  As part of the show, each exhibitor competes first in showmanship classes based on their grade level.  In this portion of the competition, the judge evaluates each showman on how they control their animal while maintaining the correct posture and composure about them, in addition to answering questions asked by the judge and keeping eye contact at the same time.

On Dec. 16, two new shows will be premiered, one each for breeding does (goats) and breeding ewes (sheep).  The AgGeorgia Farm Credit Breeding Doe and Breeding Ewe shows will begin at noon p.m. and will also include showmanship and breeding classes for competitors.  Competitors in these shows will also be competing for Supreme Showman as well as grand champion and top 5 placings and prizes.

At all four shows, judge-along guides will be provided for spectators to “judge along” with the judge, and learn what the judge is looking for and how the judge selects the winners of each class.  The judge-along guide will also provide additional information about livestock production and will serve as an overview of what is going on in the show ring.  Also on Dec. 16, there will be a photo contest for all exhibitors and the photos entered in the contest will be displayed for all spectators to view.

For more information about the AgGeorgia Farm Credit Weekend Spectacular, contact the Gordon County Extension/4-H Office at 706-629-8685.

4-H Calendar

Today – State Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging Contest

Today and Sunday – Fall Forum at Rock Eagle 4-H Center

Tuesday – Homeschool Club meeting at 3:30 p.m.

Tuesday – Cloverbuds (K-3) Club meeting at 5:00 p.m.

Tuesday  – 4-H Christmas party at 6:00 p.m.

Dec. 14-16 – AgGeorgia Farm Credit Weekend Spectacular Livestock Shows

Dec. 19 – Nursing home visit

Dec. 20 – Salvation Army bell ringing at Walmart

Jan. 4 – Portfolio submission deadline

School Club Meeting Schedule

Due to upcoming winter holidays, there will be no school club meetings until Jan. 8.