On Tuesday, the Georgia High School Athletic Association announced classification realignments for Georgia high schools for 2020-22. For Gordon County-based schools, only one will be making a move. The question is, how high up?

The GHSA’s reclassification list had Gordon county’s three high schools at the following levels: Calhoun 5A, Gordon Central 2A and Sonoraville 3A.

Calhoun High School filed an appeal with GHSA on Tuesday. Brock Holley, athletic director of Calhoun High School, will deliver the appeal to the GHSA Reclassification Committee next Tuesday, Nov. 12 at the GHSA Main Offices in Thomaston.

“We feel like the enrollment numbers put us more in 4A,” Holley said in a phone interview. “We think 4A is where we belong.”

According to the GHSA Reclassification list, Calhoun High School has the lowest full-time enrollment of any public school in 5A. Calhoun’s FTE ranks 34th of 57 schools currently slated for 4A.

The GHSA’s decision of the appeal, when available, will be updated on the sports section of CalhounTimes.com and will be in print in the following edition of the Calhoun Times.

As of this moment, Calhoun High School is set to move up from 3A to 5A at the beginning of the 2020-21 academic year. If Calhoun’s appeal is denied, the Yellow Jackets would advance two classification levels and join 55 other schools from across the state in Class 5A.

Meanwhile, Gordon Central High School and Sonoraville High School will remain at their respective classification levels. Gordon Central is 2A and Sonoraville is 3A.

For the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year, Calhoun will remain in 3A along with Sonoraville. The GHSA Classification scale runs from 1A-7A.

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