On Tuesday, the GHSA Reclassification Committee denied Calhoun High School’s reclassification appeal, according to Jennie Coker, School and Community Relations Director of Calhoun City Schools, said in an emailed statement.

It was determined last month that Calhoun High School will move from 3A to 4A based on increased enrollment and to 5A based on the out of district multiplier.

Brock Holley, Calhoun High School’s athletic director, addressed the committee Tuesday at the GHSA office in Thomaston, advocating to stay in 4A with the increased enrollment.

“While we are not pleased with the results of today’s proceedings, I feel Mr. Holley’s presentation highlighted how the process of imposing a two time multiplier is not fair and equitable and puts our students’ safety at risk,” Dr. Michele Taylor, superintendent of Calhoun City Schools, said in an emailed statement.

Calhoun appealed to the reclassification committee among a list of 18 other schools.

“We will continue to advocate for our students and community as we explore the next steps in the appeals process,” Dr. Peter Coombe said in the emailed statement.

Schools may request a second appeal to the GHSA Executive Committee. Calhoun High School intends to make a formal request to GHSA.

Holley’s presentation and supporting documentation can be viewed online at

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