Calhoun City Schools was visited by the Georgia College and Career Academy Network over three days this week. At the conclusion of their visit, the GCCA provided the school system with information regarding their College and Career Academy programs.

The visiting team consisted of members from across the state, including school superintendents, other schools’ CCA CEOs and directors, Department of Education representatives and Technical College System of Georgia staff.

Diane Blair, the team leader, commented on how the schools have wonderful hospitality, beautiful facilities and engaged staff. Blair also presented some suggestions for the board to consider, including revising the strategic plan and offering additional career pathways.

After having the opportunity to review Calhoun’s CCA programs, opportunities and initiatives, including engaging with staff, students and board members, the team’s observations were presented at a board meeting on Tuesday.

“Everyone here is dedicated to the students and their success,” Blair said. “You have a wonderful administrative staff as well as good teachers.”

Blair also commented how the students were enthusiastic and seemed to be content with the programs offered by the schools.

Areas for growth were also presented, which included revisiting the strategic plan and ensuring it aligns with workplace development needs. Blair also suggested on behalf of the team that the schools begin to offer additional career pathways to meet the wide variety of student interests.

Calhoun City Schools Superintendent Michele Taylor shared that the board was very appreciative of the GCCA team visiting and taking the time to comment on the Calhoun academy.

“Their commendations, and area for improvement will be carefully reviewed by our team and we will take action where needed,” Taylor said. “The Calhoun College and Career Academy is a vital component of our school system.”

Taylor credited the efforts and leadership of CEO Peter Coombe and Brandi Hayes, who serves as the director of college and career programs. The superintendent said with the help of GCCA recommendations and the Calhoun’s academy leadership, the school system would “continue to create the future workforce for our community.”