Dwight Juliuse Jones, the man arrested by the Gordon County Sheriff’s Office and charged with the murder of his estranged wife, Krystal Jones, on Sept. 12 had previously been arrested in a domestic violence situation and was wanted in relation to an event that occurred hours before, according to reports acquired by the Calhoun Times.

According to GSCO records, Dwight Jones, 39, of 558 Mt. Zion Road, Resaca, was arrested by the Gordon County Sheriff’s Office and charged with murder, two counts of aggravated assault against law enforcement, criminal damage to property, disorderly conduct and violation of bond after the incident last week that included a brief shootout with police.

Chief Deputy Robert Paris said Tuesday that Jones remained in jail with no bond.

He had also been arrested on Sept. 2 and charged with criminal trespass, and according to reports, he was wanted again for criminal damage to a vehicle and potential domestic violence from an incident on Sept. 11.

Just after midnight on Sept. 12, the day of the shooting, four deputies were sent to the residence after a third party called 911 saying they heard a woman screaming, “He’s going to kill me.”

Reports say a deputy approached the rear of the residence and found a Dodge Durango with the door open and the sliding glass door of the home open too. He heard a woman’s screams and entered the residence, and then Krystal Jones ran from a bedroom covered in blood as Dwight Jones exited the bedroom and began firing shots.

The deputy returned fire with an M4 as Dwight Jones returned to the bedroom. The deputy then took cover until the shots stopped and retreated back outside.

The deputy found Krystal Jones on the ground with a gunshot wound to her forehead, conscious and responsive but unable to get up and move, so the officer pulled her further away from the home to a safer location. She died from the injuries.

Eventually law enforcement officials talked Dwight Jones into surrendering.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation report said that Dwight Jones was shot during the interaction, but he was treated and released before being taken to jail. It also said Krystal Jones had been shot multiple times.

Before the murder

About three hours before the shooting, at about 9:30 p.m. on Sept. 11, reports say Krystal Jones and Jeffrey Adams were driving in Adams’ GMC Yukon XL to pick up Jones’ children from a friend’s house when Dwight Jones blocked them in, jumped out and punched out the driver’s side window while yelling at both individuals.

Adams was able to drive away but Dwight Jones followed.

Shortly after, Adams stopped at a stop sign, heard a loud noise, and then the rear window of the vehicle shattered. The two individuals then drove different directions and Adams called law enforcement.

A deputy met with Adams and Krystal Jones and observed damage to the vehicle, as well as pictures of bruises and wounds that Krystal Jones received during a previous domestic abuse situation. She told the deputy that Dwight Jones was prohibited from contacting her as a condition of his previous arrest.

Adams then called Dwight Jones on speakerphone while the deputy listened in. According to reports, Jones said the following during the call:

“It’s all good, I’ll see you around don’t worry, trust me, you don’t know people like me, trust me, you can believe that. I already told you don’t (expletive) talk to my wife. Trust me, it’s all good, you just really don’t know, you better ask somebody. Trust me, you good, you don’t want this, you don’t, and you gonna get it. I don’t care if you are recording this or not. I don’t give a (expletive), you think I don’t. I know where you live, just keep your eyes open, keep your eyes open, you ain’t gotta say (expletive). You know what it is, you think about it. You’re with my wife. I was just talking to your wife, your ex-wife, whatever the (expletive) she is, she gonna clean you out. It’s all good, just got off the phone with her, its all good, homie.”

The deputy confirmed the phone number Adams had called was the same number Dwight Jones had given the last time he was arrested.

The report, which included a family violence incident, indicated potential charges of criminal damage to property in the second degree, terroristic threats and acts, violation of bond and disorderly conduct.

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