Gordon Central High School Principal Doug Clark was placed on administrative leave during the middle of Thursday’s school day, according to Gordon Board of Education Chairman Charlie Walraven.

The leave is effective immediately and there is no estimated time for when Clark will to return to his position, according to Walraven.

“I know of no timeline that’s been announced,” Walraven said. “But the board was not involved in this decision. We do not make personnel decisions.”

Walraven said he couldn’t comment on the decision made by Gordon County Schools Superintendent Susan Remillard since the board isn’t allowed to publicly discuss personnel matters. On Friday, a day after Clark was put on administrative leave, Walraven said the board was made aware of decision on Thursday morning and approved Remillard's recommendation. 

On Thursday evening, Clark commented on Remillard’s decision, contributing what he knew even though he said he didn’t really get much of an explanation from the superintendent.

Clark said he was called into Remillard’s office before he took his lunch and was told by her that he was being placed on an indefinite administrative leave from the school system. Clark said he did not foresee this happening.

“We had been having some disagreements about scheduling, particularly students’ scheduling,” Clark said. “And I guess she thought I was doing things incorrectly.”

Clark said his conversation with Remillard was very short and he hopes that this will be taken care of in a timely manner.

“I hope we can get this resolved quickly,” Clark said. “It’ll be OK once we get it worked out.”

Remillard did not return requests for comment before Thursday’s print deadline.

Jeff Shattuck and Marne Wilson, the current assistant principals at Gordon Central, will both cover the principal’s responsibilities during Clark’s leave.