GCBE approves school calendar for next three academic years

The calendars can be found at the Gordon County Board of Education website www.gcbe.org.

Jon Wittwer

During its regular monthly meeting on Monday, Feb. 13, the Gordon County Board of Education approved school calendars for the next three academic years. These calendars were developed based upon those created by committee members utilizing survey guidance from staff and parents, and vetted by local school governance team members.

The option that was approved by the Board of Education was Calendar A, which was voted upon by GCBE staff and received the most votes.

Thank you to all of those who provided insight into this process. The calendars for all three years will be posted on the GCBE website for future reference.

Additionally, the Gordon County Board of Education approved a recommendation concerning the make-up days for this year’s school calendar. Because Friday, Jan. 6 and Monday, Jan. 9 were listed under the State of Emergency declaration from Gov. Nathan Deal’s office, the Board will not require make up of time missed on these two dates. However, Jan. 23, which was missed due to flooding and power outages in Gordon County, will be made up on March 13. March 10 will remain a professional learning day for teachers/student holiday; however, Monday, March 13 will be a regular school day for students.