The Little Giant gas station and convenience store on North Wall Street will re-open its gas pumps on Thursday after a four-week overhaul, store owner Ravi Patel said Tuesday.

Customers have been asking about the new pumps and the new 100 percent gasoline that the store will be offering, he said.

“They’re waiting for the gas to come back,” Patel said.

Patel closed down the pumps last month so that he could have new tanks and new pumps installed. In addition to 100 percent gasoline (typical fuel contains a percentage of corn-based ethanol), the new pumps will feature tap pay and card reader options and include the most secure payment technology currently available.

Patel said he knew he would lose some business during the four weeks the pumps were shut down but he believes being the first local gas station to offer 100 percent gas will lure in more people in the long run. He also wanted to be proactive about his equipment.

“I didn’t want to wait until it gets old and starts causing problems,” Patel said.

According to Patel, many of his customers prefer to use 100 percent gas as opposed to the ethanol blend, but he will also offer regular, plus and premium options of Midnite Oil gas as well. He said the ethanol blend can be bad for smaller engines in the long run.

Workers have been busy at the location for a few weeks now, but Patel said inspectors will be coming Thursday to make sure everything checks out before he opens his new pumps.

The store is located at 1116 N. Wall St. in Calhoun.