Mustang Ridge

The Fairmount City Council met on Monday, and discussed several items of business, including what to do with Mustang Ridge, a subdivision created around 2006 of newer homes whose lots remain near vacant due to the economy.

Mustang Ridge was originally billed as “the new community in Fairmount, boasting panoramic mountain views, paved roads, sidewalks and more.” According to records, the subdivision was originally planned for 250 energy efficient homes, but only 10 homes have been built in the subdivision since 2006 and at least four of those homes are now vacant.

Jeremy Meffert, Superintendent of Construction for Onyx Investment Services, the company that owns the subdivision, spoke to the council on ways to utilize the near empty subdivision.

“We are at a point where we do not feel the market is at a point to necessitate building more homes in the subdivision. What we are finding is that rentals are what’s needed in Fairmount,” said Meffert. “We want to see if it would be feasible to rezone some of the lower lots [in the subdivision] to put in townhomes, because we feel that townhomes would easily rent in the market in Fairmount. We feel, at this time, it is the only way we can make money with this subdivision.”

The Council listened to a presentation by Meffert, looking at other townhomes in Northwest Georgia that the company is building at the current time. Mayor Calvin Watts pointed out that the council could not consider any of the plans until Onyx Investment Services paid the property taxes on the subdivision, which had not been paid for at least two years.

Mayor Watts then made several announcements and discussed several items of business with the Council.

A letter has been sent to Georgia District 11 Representative Rick Jasperse, concerning a Fairmount city limit expansion.

“We’ve had no response back from him,” said Watts. “Because they are already in session, I doubt there will be any movement at all on that this year.”

Business items voted on by the council included:

The Council approved the spending of $3500 on a pump for a spray field,

The Council approved a building permit requested by Steve Brannon,

The Council approved the hiring of full-time maintenance position for the city of Fairmount,

The Council approved laptops and printers for four police cars for the Fairmount Police Department, along with a new laptop and printer for Mayor Watts,

The Council approved eliminating the fee for obtaining a library card through the Fairmount Library.

The next meeting of the Fairmount City Council will be on Monday, Monday, March 7, 2016 beginning at 6 p.m. at Fairmount City Hall.