On Monday, Calhoun Elementary Teacher Angie Gravitt hosted activities for all grades to celebrate Earth Day and be outside. Projects included planting flowers, mulching around baby trees, putting pine straw around blueberry bushes, pulling weeds and planting spring/summer vegetables.

For each class that participated in the day's activities, Gravitt provided an introduction and helped explain the importance of animals and plants in the Earth's ecosystem. She also demonstrated how to mulch, weed and plant seedlings.

Fourth grader Louisa Engel reflected on what she had learned after working with Gravitt, saying "If you're releasing balloons for a birthday or something, they can float into a tree and a chipmunk could mistake that for an acorn and could eat that."

"There are people that put their heart into recycling and they don't want the animal species to die," said classmate Hudson Chadwick, adding his thoughts. "(Animals) were here first, so they need their earth."

Along with working to make the Calhoun Complex look beautiful, students also learned about how to avoid using plastic, ways to reduce waste and the life cycles of plants.

Romeo Martinez commented that Earth Day was important to him because it "reminds us to make the earth beautiful."

"If we didn't recycle or celebrate Earth Day," said fourth grade student Maggie Parker, "our earth would be one big landfill and we want it to be beautiful and clean."