For the seven years Kim Gallman has been a part of the Gordon County Chamber of Commerce, they have been hosting their biannual Lunch and Learn, which educates employers on how to create and maintain a drug-free work place. Gallman, the Drugs Don’t Work coordinator for Gordon County, said the Chamber has 56 members of the Drugs Don’t Work Force and participating employers enjoy the lunch events.

“Businesses who attend feel like it’s very educational,” Gallman said. “They can take what they learn here and apply it to their work place.”

In the past, the Chamber has had themed lunches which include landfill education, water and waste management, drug dog test demonstrations, and a drug court.

“To become a drug-free work place you have to join the chamber as well as fill out some paperwork,” Gallman said. “Then the employer would receive up to 7.5 percent off on worker’s comp insurance. It raises awareness within the business.”

At Wednesday’s Mohawk-sponsored lunch, the theme was “Sources of Strengths,” a program that enables employers to focus on their workers’ individual strengths in order to create a healthy and productive work environment.

Sources of Strengths is a nationwide wellness program that focuses on mental health but also addresses substance abuse, according to the program’s website, While the program is used in community settings, the website says, it is mainly implemented in schools.

Because of this school-centered focus, students and staff from both county and city schools came to the Lunch and Learn on Wednesday to perform skits and facilitate activities with those present. Gallman said the afternoon seminar was meant to teach employers to cultivate positive strengths within their individual work places instead of seeing the negative aspects. This was the first time the Drugs Don’t Work Force paired with Sources.

Some of the guests at the lunch included representatives from the Gordon County Sheriff’s Office, Calhoun Police Department officers, the Gordon County Chamber, E-911, representatives from the Chamber’s Council on Alcohol and Drugs and the Department of Labor.

There will likely be another Lunch and Learn seminar in the spring. For more information on the Drugs Don’t Work Force or the Lunch and Learn seminars, visit the Chamber’s website at