A Dollar General is currently in the midst of being constructed and is expected to be completed sometime in July, said City of Calhoun Building Official Don McGinnis.

Momon Construction and Russell Owen Construction are working together to build the store on the corner of North Wall Street and Red Bud Road, across from Calhoun Food and Tobacco, said McGinnis, who issued the building permit in the fall.

McGinnis said the outside of the building will be covered in brick and the entire project adheres to design guidelines for the city’s commercial buildings. The parking lot for the Dollar General will be accessible from Mauldin Road and the building will take up nearly 11,000 square feet, McGinnis said.

The building official said that though the permit was issued in the fall, there have been a few delays due to soil compaction tests and contractors trying to figure out where to place the parking lot entrance.

One of the complications came when the ditch parallel to Wall Street was discovered, throwing a wrench into the idea of having the parking lot accessible from Wall Street. The ditch, which is feet away from the road, carries water and empties into a bigger drainage system that runs through downtown, according to McGinnis.

Instead of trying to build a path over the ditch and worrying about construction remnants leaking into the drainage system, McGinnis said contractors decided to just place the parking lot entrance off of Mauldin Road, avoiding unnecessary pollution.

Though McGinnis didn’t have a specific date, he estimated the entire project would be finished toward the end of the summer, likely before schools are back in session.