According to Calhoun Police Chief Garry Moss, now is the time of year that residents need to be alert concerning home repair scams.

“Seasonal home repairs scams often take place around this time of the year,” said Moss.

Groups such as the Irish Travelers, tend to be very active this time of the year, and often attempt to blend in with legitimate contractors when an area has been hit hard by Mother Nature.

According to the CPD, a common tactic is for the workers to claim they have leftover materials from a previous job that allows them to do the next job(s) at a cheaper price. However, the work performed is often shoddy with inferior materials being used, or the job may not be completed, after a portion of the payment has been received by the contractor.

Another variation of this scam is for one person to engage the home owner at one location of the house while others gain entry and steal anything of value from other parts of the residence.

“We feel with all the weather related damage that has recently occurred in Calhoun and Gordon County, this a good time to remind home owners to be diligent when dealing with out of state contractors,” said CPD Lt. Tony Pyle. “Most contractors, local and out of state, are legitimate business people; however, there are con people who travel to areas after natural disasters have occurred, looking to make easy money by taking advantage of other people’s misfortune.”