CPD looking for suspect in Kmart burglary

Shortly after 2 a.m. this morning, officers with the Calhoun Police Department were dispatched to Kmart, located at 122 W.C. Bryant Parkway in Calhoun, to a report of an activation of a burglary alarm.

When officers arrived, they headed to the shipping area of the store, where the alarm had been set off and attempted to enter but a jam in a roll-up door, which would only raise three inches, prevented entry. Officers then attempted to enter at the front of the store, and noticed the far left door of the entrance was unlocked. 

Officers made their way to the back of the store, where they found the window to the manager's office broken. Inside the manager's office, a window to the money room was found broken as well. 

The district manager for Kmart arrived on scene and reviewed security video with the officers. Video showed four people wearing dark clothing crawling through the shipping area to the manager's office. Entry was made under the roll-up door in the shipping area, after moving the clamp to the lock from the inside, the door was able to be raised about a foot in height. 

According to the police report, unknown items were taken and information was still being gathered.

Anyone with information on the burglary is asked to contact Calhoun Police Department at 706-629-1234.