Cook Up Some Fun: Recipe Contest Submissions Due This Week

Got milk? Feeling nutty? If you do, then you have the main ingredients for two fun and easy 4-H contests! MilkMake and Peanutrition are food and nutrition activities for 4th-8th graders sponsored by the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association and the Georgia Peanut Commission, respectively. To enter, students must submit a recipe for each contest to the 4-H office by December 1, 2017. For the MilkMake Contest, students submit a recipe for a milk drink, which can include milkshakes or smoothies, or participants can get creative, as long as it is edible. For the Peanutrition contest, 4th-6th graders submit a recipe for a peanut butter sandwich and 7th-8th graders submit a recipe for a no-cook snack containing peanuts. No food item has to be made; only the written recipe is to be submitted. Recipes will be judged as follows:

• Nutrition - 35 points;

o Healthy ingredients used

o Relatively low in fat and calories

o Would make a healthy snack or meal alternative

• Appeal - 15 points;

o Appealing recipe

• Creativity - 20 points;

o Creative/innovative recipe

o Creative ingredients used

o Imaginative idea

• Recipe Presentation - 15 points;

o Recipe card or submitted recipe is neat and legible

o Recipe includes clear preparation instructions

• Recipe Content - 15 points.

o Main ingredient is milk or peanuts, depending on contest

o Recipe includes ingredients and amounts of each

o Recipe lists number of servings and serving size

Gordon County 4-H winners (top three scores) will be announced at the 4-H Christmas Party and will receive a free t-shirt. Every participant will receive a prize for participating. Official rules and entry forms are available on the Gordon County Extension/4-H website.