Commissioners lift burn ban in Gordon County; must still obtain permit to burn

The Gordon County Board of Commissioners at their most recent meeting last night lifted the emergency burn ban that they put in place on Friday, Nov. 4.

Gordon County Fire & Rescue Chief Doug Ralston told the Board that, due to recent rains, the State had agreed that the lifting of the ban was appropriate, and that if Gordon County lifted their ban, other surrounding counties would be lifting their bans as well. 

Even though the ban has been lifted, GCF&R reminds the public that anyone wishing to burn must obtain a burn permit. Burns are authorized for natural vegetation only, no household trash is allowed to be burned in Gordon County.

GCF&R says that before burning, residents must contact the Georgia Forestry Commission for a burn permit by visiting or by calling 1-877-OK-2-BURN.

It is asked that anyone obtaining a permit to remember that, even though it has rained, please stay with your fire and have a garden hose nearby.

The Gordon County Board of Commissioners met in an emergency session on Friday, Nov. 4 to impose a burn ban that went into effect immediately due to the extreme drought conditions.