Ken Herron

Ken Herron

Christmas has past. New Year’s celebrations are passed. School has started back and work has started up again. It happens like this every year. It is like a breath of fresh air. We will all make mistakes writing down the year for a week or so. Most folks will breathe a sigh of relief that it is all over. 

This year is a Presidential Inauguration year, so we have some excitement coming up in a little over a couple of weeks. Michael Moore has been trying to get Democrats to riot and cause a lot of trouble on January 20. I don’t think he will be successful. We may fill up the jails in Washington, D C, but it will not last long. 

In an interview with one of the liberal news media members a few weeks ago, Donald Trump was asked if he was surprised that the election came out this way. His response was that he never took any action where he expected to lose. 

I was with Donald Trump from the first debate. He said and did some things that I would not have done, but then, I would probably have lost. Every time Trump did something that folks thought would cause him to lose votes the same action caused other people to decide to vote for him. Running for office is an unpredictable action.

Hillary won the popular vote by 2,865,075 which was 2.2 percent of the vote. On a Democratic basis, she would be the president. But on a county by county basis, Trump won 3,084 counties and Hillary won 57 counties nationwide.  Trump won 98.2 percent of the counties in the USA. On a state by state basis, Trump won 31 states and Hillary won 20 states.  Trump won 61 percent of the states.  The only total that counts is the vote of the Electoral College. The voting of the Electoral College gave Trump 304 votes and Hillary 230 votes. Trump received 56.5 percent of the Electoral College vote and Hillary received 42.8 percent of the vote. 

Some Hillary supporters are trying to get the Electoral College eliminated and go straight to the popular vote. Hillary won 16 counties in New York State and lost 46 counties, but she won New York City by 1,698,536 votes and carried the state of New York. California was the only state to have more counties won by Hillary than Donald Trump. In California, Hillary carried 33 counties and lost 25 counties but she carried Los Angelis and San Francisco and won the state by 3,446,281 votes. New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco accounted for 5,144,817 extra votes, which is almost double the margin by which she won the popular vote nationwide. If we elected our president by popular vote, these three cities would control who is elected to be president of our country. Based on land area, Trump represented 98.2 percent of the country and Hillary represented 1.8 percent.  Long live the Electoral College.

It will take a few months to see the employment begin to increase, but I believe that many of the companies will begin to expand their manufacturing as soon as the new lower corporate tax rates go into effect. Lots of people worry when tax rates are lowered because we are operating at a deficit already. Immediately the tax revenues to the government does go down, but very quickly the spending of the money by the public generates more taxes and the revenues increase. If you have 100 people working and paying income taxes and the increase in jobs causes this number to go to 120 people working, even at lower rates the 120 will produce more income tax revenue to the government. 

When a company builds a building, there are workers producing the materials and the government taxes the income of these workers.  With a lower rate of taxes on the individuals, each one has more money to spend. When the additional money is spent at a retail store, the retail company pays tax on the profit it makes. The retail store buys the merchandise from a wholesaler and the wholesaler pays taxes on the profit it makes. The wholesaler purchases the merchandise from a manufacturer and the manufacturer pays tax on the profit that it makes. Because of the increase in spending that the person spent at the retail store, the manufacturer may have had to increase the number of workers that he employs and they pay additional taxes. 

The employees at each phase in the movement of merchandise pays income taxes. If one employee works extra hours, it generates more in taxes. The total money spent in the United States each year is called the Gross National Product. During the eight years of President Obama, this has increased only about two percent each year. President Trump expects this to increase by about four percent per year during his terms. This will generate a substantial increase in the amount of tax revenue received by the government.

There is a strong purpose in the way President Trump has been selecting his cabinet. The secretaries are successful businesspeople who are accustomed to operating efficiently and eliminating waste.  In the past, the budget for each department was increased by a percentage figure each year whether they request an addition or not. The new bosses are going to be instructed by President Trump for their departments to operate at the lowest cost possible. These bosses are accustomed to operating large organizations and are not bashful about cutting personnel and services that are unnecessary. President Trump has spent enough time with each one of them in the appointment period that they will understand what he is trying to do. I believe that before the first four year term is ended, we will be close to a balanced budget and a reduction of the national debt.  Many of the services that the federal government provides need to be discontinued.

The election process for the president and Congress is almost complete for a couple of years. New members of Congress will be sworn in at the beginning of January and the President’s Inauguration will be on January 20. Had Hillary won the election, it would have been an elaborate coronation for the new queen. I am sure she has rehearsed it in her mind many times. Her husband Slick Willy seems to be greatly disappointed at the way the campaign ended up. It is highly likely that he will not be in demand on the speech circuit without Hillary having a government position.