December ended the City of Calhoun’s three-month curbside recycling pilot program on College Street and The Villages.

“We had over 200 customers combined participating in this project and based on what we saw from The City of Calhoun side, our customers did a great job,” said Judy Peterson, recycling coordinator for the City of Calhoun. “A special ‘thank you’ goes out to all families who chose to participate in this initiative.”

According to Peterson, Renee Mauldin of Mauldin’s Trash Services volunteered her time, money, manpower and energy to make a special pick-up of sorted recyclables in the two chosen neighborhoods in Calhoun. These areas were chosen based on visibility and the cooperative efforts of the Homeowners Association at The Villages.

Participants of the pilot program were issued blue bags of various sizes, along with detailed instructions on sorting plastic, paper, aluminum, tin and cardboard. On specific Tuesdays during the trial period, which ran from October to December, families placed their sorted materials on the curb, and Mauldin or her designee picked up the material and delivered it to the City’s warehouse, beside the City of Calhoun Recycling Center, where it was weighed, sorted and processed for sale.

During the seven-week program, a total of 4012 pounds were collected for recycling, between OCC (old corrugated cardboard), paper board, mixed paper, # 1 and 2 plastics, aluminum and tin.

“December was by far our best month, thanks to online shopping,” said Peterson. “Cardboard weight was four to five times higher than previous months, and plastic in the month of December was also very high. We are able to sell this material to Caraustar Recycling and Pratt Industries, and all proceeds will be used to continue the expansion of our program.”

Peterson said that within the next few weeks, the City will contact customers who participated in the program to ask for feedback on how they felt the project went, and evaluate how the City can extend the initiative to other areas of the city.

Anyone that has suggestions or would like to see curbside in their neighborhood is asked to contact Judy Peterson, recycling coordinator, at 770-881-2710.