City of Calhoun Recycling Center partners with Foam Products to expand recycling efforts

Left to right: Ty Rutledge, owner of RUTCO Plastics; Stephanie Williamson; Anthony Ortiz; Sara Hayes; Frankie Kinsey; George Henderson; Judy Peterson, City of Calhoun recycling coordinator; Eric Arnold, president of Foam Products. 

The City of Calhoun Recycling recently announced another new partnership, this one with Foam Products, in connection with expanding their recycling efforts.

According to City of Calhoun Recycling Coordinator Judy Peterson, discussions began in early August concerning ways the City could help Foam Products achieve their ultimate goal of zero waste. Peterson recruited the help of Ty Rutledge from RUTCO plastics, and together with associates from Foam Products, the group collaborated to find a place for a large percentage of Foam Products recyclables.

“Frankie Kinsey and I began talking in early August about the services the Recycling Center offered and from there a meeting was held to take a tour of Foam Products facility,” said Peterson. “We were able to identify at least 10 different materials that could be processed at our facility, and with the help of Ty Rutledge at RUTCO Plastics, he was able to find a home for at least seven more byproducts.”

Peterson is pleased when local business and industry calls to find out how they can work with Calhoun to make it a greener city.

“We will begin this recycling partnership within the next few weeks, which will allow us to process some of the byproducts that are made at Foam Products or move those products to other vendors that can process them, supporting that cradle to grave concept,” said Peterson. “We want to encourage other businesses and industries to take steps in evaluating their inventory and start asking those tough questions: how can we do things differently to become more innovative; how can we promote a greener environment for our employees and our community; and how can we offer a product that supports a global initiative of sustainability, profitability and minimal waste.”

FPC recently announced their Zero Waste Initiative with a long-term goal of contributing to zero landfill waste by using the four ‘R’ approach to recycling - reducing, reusing, recovering and recycling.

“Efforts towards Zero Waste provide a strong business case for sustainability,” said FPC President Erik Arnold. “FPC has GreenGuard Gold product certifications, recycles tons of post consumer tires into our products daily and now encourages our associates to bring recyclables from home.

“While we will educate our team about the importance of recycling, we also want to make it fun by having incentives such as recycling competitions between plants and monthly gift card drawings,” said Arnold.

The most important part for Arnold is leading by example. “We want to walk the walk because the global challenge of a growing population that relies upon limited resources is very real.”

“My compliments to Foam Products for setting a higher standard for others to follow,” said Peterson. “Recycling makes Calhoun stronger.”

Foam Products Corporation is one of the world’s largest producers of acoustical underlayments for vinyl plank and wood/laminate flooring. FPC serves industries as diverse as footwear, apparel, eyeglasses, automotive, printing, floor covering and industrial equipment. The foams are used around the world in hundreds of different applications by many of the leading manufacturers. They add comfort, performance and luxury to many products, from shoes to flooring.