Chattanooga Metro Airport visits local Rotary

Residents of the Gordon County area sometimes overlook a major airport located much nearer than Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta. Blake Poole, vice president for Air Services and Economic Development at Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport, recently visited the Calhoun Rotary Club.

Poole, who is also a Board Member of the Gordon County College and Career Academy, has been involved with aviation for some time. He was general manager for Public Affairs at Delta Airlines for almost 20 years.

He told the club that Chattanooga Metro is a hub for four airlines: Delta, American, United and Southwest. The airport, located in Chattanooga, Tenn. also accommodates military flights and general aviation.

Visitors at the recent meeting were Dr. James Gentry and Sabrina Poole, daughter of the guest speaker.

Photo, left to right: Bruce Thomas, Program Chair; Dr. James Gentry; Blake Poole; John King, President, Calhoun Rotary; Sabrina Poole.