The Calhoun Fire Department purchased a new fire truck, borrowing money from the City of Calhoun’s utilities funds to replace a 19-year-old truck. The new truck was “pushed into service” by both veteran firefighters and young recruits.

On Tuesday, at CFD Station No. 3 on Curtis Parkway, firefighters and recruits ceremoniously pushed the department’s new fire truck into the station, symbolizing the vehicle was officially in service.

Deputy Chief Terry Mills said the new truck would be replacing one they had for the past 19 years. According to Mills, the department tries to keep the average age of trucks close to 15 years, and the CFD will also be requesting another fire truck in this year’s budget.

The new truck cost around $450,000, which the department borrowed from the city’s utilities budget, and they plan to repay the amount to utilities over the next four years.

In an update on the department’s rapid response vehicle, which was implemented in November, Mills said having the Ford F-350 to respond to medical reports has been going well.

“We’re running on average about 80 percent of medical calls with that squad,” Mills said. “We’re saving gas and maintenance (on the trucks).”

The department has five fire trucks in their fleet, and when they get a new one, firefighters ceremoniously push the truck “into service.”

Also on Tuesday, the recruits who had been training with CFD for the past eight weeks took their written test and participated in their final hands-on drill. Those who passed the test will be certified firefighters in Calhoun. A ceremony to introduce the new additions will take place later this spring.