CCS recognized by Lt. Governor for being named Charter System of the Year

Pictured are, front row: Calhoun City School Board members David Scoggins and Tony Swink, Superintendent Dr. Michele Taylor, Representative John Meadows, Board Chair Eddie Reeves. Back row: Senator Chuck Payne, CHS Assistant Principal Allison Eubanks, Chief Finance Officer Dee Wrisley, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle and Senator Chuck Hufsteltler.

Calhoun City Schools was recently invited by Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle to the State Capitol to be recognized in the Senate Chambers for being the 2016 State Charter System of the Year.

The resolution noted that Calhoun City Schools has demonstrated excellence in leadership, governance, partnerships and achievement, that Calhoun City Schools plays an instrumental role in the charter system community by mentoring other charter systems while encouraging its own teachers, parents and community members to actively participate in school level governance and promote meaningful partnerships with businesses, civic organizations, and institutions of higher education to improve academic achievement and student success.

The state also commended Calhoun City Schools for its 96.8 percent graduation rate and the effort to utilize the flexibility of the charter to redefine the classroom such that space and time constraints no longer inhibit students’ learning environments and that the district continues to develop innovative scheduling models, flexible calendars and virtual learning opportunities. They recognized the community as a classroom model where students are encouraged to step outside and engage in meaningful, rigorous education and community leadership that focuses on the concept of lifelong learning while preparing students for college and careers. These extended classroom settings allow students to practice and apply learned skills in real world environments and situations.

“Whereas, Calhoun City Schools Charter System is at the forefront of educational innovation and flexibility, embracing new education delivery models to ensure that every student has access to opportunity and success. Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved by the Senate that the members of this body honor and recognize Calhoun City Schools for being awarded the title of 2016 Charter System of the Year and for its dedicated service to the community and state.” Senate Resolution 179 by Senator Hufstetler of the 52nd District. Adopted in the Senate February 8, 2017 by Casey Cagle, President of the Senate.

Calhoun City Schools would like to thank the students, teachers, administrators, support staff, parents and the entire Calhoun community for seeking excellence.