Rotary Club of Calhoun

The Calhoun Rotary Club hosted the heads of the Calhoun/Gordon County Sports Hall of Fame on Thursday.

Program Chair Andrea Brumlow, an avid sports fan as well as member of the organization’s board, welcomed President Barry Blevins and Board Member Dewayne Bowen. Bowen showed a video of past and current inductees and nominees as well as members of the Calhoun/Gordon County Sports Hall of Fame Board of Directors.

The Sports Hall of Fame was inaugurated in 2014. Inductees are presented at an annual banquet. Nominees are also selected in the different fields of sports such as wrestling, basketball, softball, baseball, track and field, gymnastics and football.

Since 2015 a total of nine females and 25 males were inducted and recognized in their sports field. Additionally, 14 coaches have been named. The Hall of Fame is open to any Calhoun/Gordon resident/citizen, for past or current achievements, and is open to amateur, college or professional athletes and coaches.

Nominations are accepted from any resident or company, organization or business of Gordon County. Final selections are made based upon those who have made significant contributions to the Calhoun/Gordon County Sports Hall of Fame as athletes or coaches or in other fields.

Several Rotarians are involved as members of the Board of Directors, or as corporate donors. They include: David Scoggins, a CPA, and Andrea Brumlow, a realtor, who both serve as members of the Board of Directors; Jim Mathews, of Star Mathews; Jerry Clements, a CPA; Charles Prater, of Prater Ford; Will Ostuw, of Calhoun Pharmacy, and Sam Thomas, of WJTH Radio. Other corporate businesses donors also include Advent Hospital, Shaw and Mohawk Industries and many other individual donors.