(AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

According to Calhoun Police Chief Garry Moss, Calhoun Police have recently received numerous complaints pertaining to internet and telephone scams relating to tax information and tax audits.  

While there are different variations of the scams, most revolve around money orders, checks or prepaid cards being sent to the perpetrator(s) of the scam.

In the latest’s versions of these scams, con artists impersonate Internal Revenue Service Agents and threaten taxpayers with police arrest, deportation and license revocation among other things, if payment is not received.

According to the IRS, they will never initiate contact with tax payers via email, text or phone.

“There are so many variances of these scams, it is imperative that everyone remain diligent in their efforts to protect their personal and financial information,” said Chief Moss.

Calhoun Police recommend researching online any and all solicitations and never send monies until the requests have been verified as legitimate.  An excellent source of information is listed online as "the IRS Dirty Dozen list of Scams of 2017." 

Anyone with questions or concerns about online scams are urged to contact their jurisdictional law enforcement agency.