Calhoun police nab Kentucky fugitive

Barton H. Bishop

On Monday, July 9, Calhoun police nabbed an out of state fugitive after an officer was contacted about a man from Kentucky with outstanding warrants.

According to the incident report, Det. Cody Farmer with the Louisville, Ky. Metro Police Department advised officers with the CPD that he had a search warrant to ping the phone of Barton H. Bishop, 44, of 1901 Winston Avenue in Louisville. Det. Farmer told the local officers that he had concerns for the safety of Bishop’s girlfriend and that the LPD had information that Bishop had made homicidal and suicidal threats toward his girlfriend. Det. Farmer had pinged Bishop’s phone around the area of Calhoun Walmart on Highway 53, and he asked local officers to be on the lookout for a Blue Toyota with a Kentucky tag.

Bishop’s vehicle was located by Calhoun police traveling on South River Street, driven by Bishop’s girlfriend with Bishop in the passenger seat. Officers pulled the vehicle over and took Bishop into custody after he was searched for weapons. Bishop’s girlfriend, who had been classified as a Missing Person in Kentucky, advised officers on scene that she was safe.

While being transported to Gordon County Jail, Bishop told officers that his neighbors in Kentucky had called him and told him that “the law” had raised his house and shop; that there were four trailers on his property that he had bought from a friend for “pretty cheap.” He told officers he did not believe they were stolen but that they were really cheap and he might have been set up since the same night he put them on his property was the night of the raid.

Bishop also told officers he had “a bad meth problem, but I left it all in Kentucky when we left.” Bishop stated that he wanted to try and get clean and that was why they were on their way to Destin, Fla. for vacation. The report states that Bishop told officers as they pulled into Gordon County Jail that “I did make statements that I would kill myself before I went back to jail but I was just talking big; I didn’t mean it.”

Bishop remains in Gordon County Jail as of press time. State warrants were taken for Fugitive from Justice on Bishop.