Police news

Calhoun police are investigating a report of an attempted kidnapping of a woman outside the Calhoun Lodge on Sunday night.

According to Calhoun Police Department reports:

A 36-year-old woman and her daughter were walking on Carter Drive near the Calhoun Lodge at 200 S. Line St. just after 8 p.m. Sunday when a man approached them. At first, the man asked the woman in English where the store was. She told the man she knew Spanish and gave him directions to the Circle K on South Wall Street, pointing toward it.

The man told her that she was going with him. When she refused, the man got closer to her, revealing that he had his shirt pulled up over his face. The man pulled in closer to her and said he had a gun.

At this point, the woman yelled for her daughter, who was walking ahead of her, alerting her to the man trying to take her. As she yelled out, the man ran off, in the direction of the Circle K.

The man was described as being between 5 foot 2 inches and 5 foot 6 inches in height, weighing between 100 and 125 pounds. He was reported to be wearing brown pants and a brown shirt at the time of the incident. He had been walking in the direction of May Street, away from the Calhoun Lodge.