A Calhoun man was arrested just before midnight Friday after he told police that he accidentally fired a shot from his AR-15 through the wall of his apartment while cleaning the gun. 

According to CPD reports and Gordon County jail records, James Keith Breeden, 35, of 137 Holly Hills Drive, was charged with discharge of a firearm on property of another and reckless conduct causing harm to or endangering the safety of another. 

Breeden, who had a different gun in his waistband when police arrived, told officers he had been cleaning the AR-15 on the top of the stairs in his apartment because there was more light there than in his bedroom. After cleaning the gun he inserted a loaded magazine and then released the bolt forward, causing the gun to fire. 

The bullet went through the wall into the next apartment, and police checked every residence in the building to ensure no one was hurt. 

Officers took possession of the gun, magazine and spent shell casing as evidence and transported Breeden to the jail. 

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