Calhoun City Schools held its 13th annual technology competition on Nov. 29. Two hundred and twelve students in grades 3-12 participated in this event designed to showcase students' technology skills.

Students placing first in each project category and grade division will compete at the Northwest Regional Tech Competition on Jan. 25, 2019, at Georgia Highlands College in Rome. Students advancing to regional competition are listed below:

3D Modeling:

3rd/4th Grade: Jack Theus and Colton Fisher

5th/6th Grade: Sara Elise Gallman and Stella Arnold

7th/8th Grade: Abigail Redwine and Kiara Fernandez

9th/10th Grade: Josseline Espinoza and Eduardo Escalera Medina


3rd/4th Grade: Jacob Bateman and Abby Bateman

5th/6th Grade: Holland West

7th/8th Grade: Karson Bone and Layla Baker

11th/12th Grade: Patrick Gilreath

Audio Production:

5th/6th Grade: Houston Wilson

7th/8th Grade: Brandon Webb

11th/12th Grade: Nancy Rodriguez and Ryan Bagley

Device Modification:

3rd/4th Grade: Wes Brown

5th/6th Grade: Maggy Abernathy and Ella Strickland

7th/8th Grade: John Ross and John Henry Cox

Digital Game Design:

3rd/4th Grade: Deacon Metcalf and Grady Leatherwood

5th/6th Grade: Ethan Gibson and Dominic Tino

7th/8th Grade: Jason Thomason

Digital Photo Production:

3rd/4th Grade: Bella Webb

5th/6th Grade: Lowry Duggin

7th/8th Grade: Israel Lopez and Christopher Arnold

9th/10th Grade: Etta McDaniel and Sydney Dodd

11th/12th Grade: Shreya Patel and Aurora Lopez

Graphic Design:

3rd/4th Grade: Olivia Hall and Clara Grace Hood

5th/6th Grade: Sophia Wright and Jordan Baker

7th/8th Grade: Eric Perez and Edgar Hernandez

9th/10th Grade: Kushi B. Patel and Kushi N. Patel

11th/12th Grade: Adriana Jimenez-Ochoa 

Internet Applications:

5th/6th Grade: Carson Harwell and Jake Jordan

11th/12th Grade: Kush Patel

Mobile Apps:

3rd/4th Grade: Isabella Garmon and Breagen Holcomb

5th/6th Grade: Catherine Ross and Lindsey Cox

11th/12th Grade: Alex Repp and Drew McBurnett 

Multimedia Applications:

3rd/4th Grade: Aiden Lyles

5th/6th Grade: Evan Wood

Productivity Design:

5th/6th Grade: Walker Hurd

9th/10th Grade: Daisy Garcia and Erica Landry


3rd/4th Grade: Micah Poarch

5th/6th Grade: Max Ford and Hamp Holbert

7th/8th Grade: Gabe Prioreschi and Terry Moss

11th/12th Grade: Marvin Alarcon

Video Production:

3rd/4th Grade: Cate Rutland and Lannah Stewart

5th/6th Grade: Kaylie Holmes and Gabriella Harris

7th/8th Grade: Logan Price

9th/10th Grade: Oris Velasquez and Christian Phillips

11th/12th Grade: Maci Parker