Calhoun Autism Network

Calhoun Autism Network will meet on Monday, March 5 from 6:30 - 8 p.m. at Echota Baptist Church, located off College Street at 35 College Circle in Calhoun. This month’s meeting will focus on discussing IEP advocacy, upcoming events and sharing stories of success and encouragement with one another.

The guest for the meeting will be Edly, which offers IEP counseling and advocacy. “Edly: For the Love of Ability,” was co-founded by experienced special education attorney Christy Calbos with special education advocate Debbie Dobbs. Edly offers workshops and classes, and in spring 2018, Edly’s IEP Consulting & Advocacy division will match IEP advocates to special needs families. Please visit for more information.

Learn how to be a confident, informed voice for your child’s education needs when you are a team member at an IEP meeting table. Taught by Calbos, this workshop will teach you the essential building blocks of your child’s IEP, how to prepare for an IEP meeting and the right mindset and skills you need to be able to be persuasive and participate at the IEP meeting. Every parent, grandparent, guardian or service provider needs these skills to ensure that the annual IEP is a complete document that is designed specifically for their student.