Left: Jim Lay, president of the Calhoun Rotary; Dr. Brent Evans, economic professor at Dalton State College; Milton Stewart, Rotarian; Dr. Larry Johnson, interim dean at DSC School of Business; Krystal Tee, business major at DSC and Georgia Rotary Scholarship Program recipient.

The Calhoun Rotary had the opportunity to listen to the state of manufacturing in the US presented by a few prominent Dalton State College figures.

While manufacturing as a percentage of our economy has declined from its 1970 levels, it appears that all is not bleak, according to Dr. Larry Johnson, interim dean of DSC School of Business, along with Dr. Brent Evans, Economics Professor at DSC.

In fact, most Americans would be surprised to know that America is the largest manufacturing economy in the world, surpassing even China, according to Johnson.

Another fact is that the manufacturing sector has shown growth since the summer of 2009, according to Johnson.

All these factors and more led Johnson to author an article in “Business Analytics,” a quarterly publication of Dalton State College. His article in the Spring 2013 issue was entitled “A New Wave of Manufacturing?”

In addition to being an Economics Professor at Dalton State, Evans is the editor of “Business Analytics.”

Both men spoke of indications that our economy is on the up tick. This is particularly good news with the connection this region has with industry.

Also in attendance at the Rotary meeting was Krystal Tee, a Georgia Rotary Scholar from Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia. Krystal is a business major at Dalton State.

The Georgia Rotary Scholarship program is competitive and offers a one-year scholarship for International Students to study at the college level in Georgia. Over 3,000 students have participated in the GRSP program since it was conceived after the Second World War.

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