Bids opened on sale of the Ingle House

Two bids to purchase the historic Ingle House were unsealed at Tuesday’s Resaca Town Council meeting, but no decision was made about whether to accept either bid.

The low bid came from Ernie Smith for $125,000 and the high bid came from Kevin Smith, unrelated to the previous, for $175,000. The house appraised at $250,000. Neither Kevin Smith or Ernie Smith attended the meeting.

The Council agreed to discuss the bids at their August work session. Their options include accepting one of the bids, or rejecting both bids. If the bids are rejected, the town has several choices to make about what to do next. They can keep the Ingle House, which they have decried for months as being a drain on Resaca’s finances, they can rebid with a minimum bid they will accept- something that was not included in this round, or they can have a realtor handle the bidding process. Changes in the Georgia law opened this option up shortly after the Council made the decision to bid it out themselves.

Ernie Smith included with his bid plans for the property should he win the bid. Among activities, which he hopes the Town of Resaca will assist with, are Gospel singing, potlucks, knife swaps, movie night on the lawn. He would also include tearing down the mother-in-law suite, the barn and the woodshed. He also proposed tearing out the rear portion of the Ingle House to “straighten it out.”

Additions he’d like to make to the property include a carriage house, a dog kennel, a stage, a game room and a new mother-in-law suite.

“He wants it in the contract that he will do this,” Mayor Sam Allen told the council, adding that the proposed construction would be estimated at $500,000.

“I don’t care what he wants to invest,” councilmember Sandy Adams said, “I only care about what he gives us.”

Since neither bid was what the house appraised for, the Council agreed not to take any action and instead discuss their options in August.