Calhoun Marching Band 2019-20.jpeg

Name: Lydia Jaime

Year: Junior

School: Calhoun High School

Position: Majorette Line Member

For Lydia Jaime, summer just means more baton twirling. As a member of the Calhoun High School majorette line, she practices three days a week and then completes a week of band camp before school starts.

And twirling doesn’t end with football season. This winter will be filled with competitions for the line and individual twirlers. In the meantime, Jaime is entering her third year performing under the halftime lights. She has a background in dance, and she knew she wanted to become a majorette after seeing her aunt on the line.

Auditioning for the majorette line means candidates must know their material inside and out, which means practicing the minutia endlessly.

“The first year, it is kind of intimidating,” Jaime says. “To prepare for it, you drill your tricks over and over.”

She settled in after clearing those first hurdles, and now, she teaches a new generation to toss and twirl during the annual Twirl-O-Whirl camp through the Calhoun Community Education program.

“I just stayed involved in it, and it just became something that I loved to do,” she says.

When it comes to the performance, the seniors have a good deal of input when it comes to their look for the season. They contribute their thoughts by sketching out the costumes.

“We’ll agree on what we like and what we don’t like,” Jaime says.

For instance, last year’s uniforms included sleeves, which they eliminated this year. And since glitz is a given for a majorette line, the members always add more beads and stones when the costumes arrive.

Band camp was a chance for the new members to learn the maneuvers they’ll use all season in the show. Mornings preparing for this year’s show, which includes performances to “School’s Out for Summer” and “These Boots are Made for Walking,” began with drills from 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

“We learn where our placement is and all the drills that we have to do and how to march for the newbies,” Jaime says.

More practice indoors with music took up the afternoon.

“Inside, we keep going over the show — over and over,” Jaime says.

She looks forward to presenting a show she and her fellow majorettes have poured their hearts into. Finally having the community’s attention on the performance they’ve worked hard to produce is rewarding.

“It’s a really fun feeling,” she says. “You’re pumped up to go out there.”

The following is Calhoun’s Band roster:

Flutes: Garcia Yesenia, Sierra Maddox, Genesis Quintos, Zelia Rangel, Anjely Reyna, Adriana Canchola, Hannah Dong, Olivia Freeman, Soraya Graves, Jackson Jolie, Matul Melanie, Patel Khushi B, Patel Khushi N, Patel Khushi R, Stockman Nathaniel, Beltran Giovanni, Capps Emily, Cortes Daisy, Groomes Cassidy, Arwood Ada, Avila Dana, Contreras Amy, Ramirez Sami, Rubio Jenny, Santiago Sidny, Wilson Jayde, Alezano Gisela, Brown Karcyn, Brown Kyndal, Chavez Lesly, Chumney Stella, Domingo Ashley, Fox Lillie, Martinez Jissel, Reyes Braisley, Williams Briley

Clarinets: Ryan Bagley, Ricky Castillo, Drew Eickman, Anahi Ramirez, Megan Randolph, Francella Vasquez-Umana, Gracyn Bagley, Cecilla Banda, Yolanie Cotto, Baylee Long, Emilee Watson, Jose Anguiano, Abigail Banks, Guadalupe Becerra, Kasey Becerra, Kathryn Brook, Kiera Hale, Tanya Orellana, Albiona Prenku, Braylin Bishop, Juan Lopez, Ariana Reyes-Garcia, Lexi Rios, Nadia Simon, Julissa Bahera, Kayden Biggs, Diego Cornejo, Chloe Freeman, Ashley Lopez, Vivian Reyes, Tammy Vasquez, Abigail White

Alto Saxophones: Daniel Barrios, Miles Bright, Owen Gilreath, Shelby Green, Luke Peden, Brittany Pelico, Alex repp, Melissa Villanueva, Kaden Mashburn, Joshua Robertson, Sarai Rosales, Julia Arrivillaga, Anthony Bouchard, Jocelyn Heath, Edwin Miranda, austin Sullivan, Angel Ambrocio, Yetziel Figuera, Olivia Greeson, Henry Gutierrez, Yeimy Morales, Melanie Ramos, Johana Alarcon, Giovanni Arcos, Lillie Hall, William Hurd, Bryce Ramirez, Katherine Santana, Gavin Shaw

Tenor Saxophones: Caleb McFarland and Caroline Pass

Baritone Saxophone: Boone Price

Trumpets: Erika Morales, Jeremy Moso, Isaiah Ramos, Andrik Delgado, Geovani Hernadez, Jorge Jaramillo, Ty Ly, John Reid, Tate Warren, River Abernathy, Dario Moso, Hagan Thomas, Matthew Bouchard, Austin Garner, Kevin Miranda, Jocelyn Avila, Annelise Conway, Andrea Cordero, Ana Diaz, Cecilla Gallegos, Noah Jones, Andres Martinez, Jesus Tirado, Jacob Burnett, Owen Butler, Haslett Flores, Cindy Garcia, Jacob Hunter, Jose Juarez, Junior Ramirez, Pramit Patel, Jody Evans, Gracyn Nudd, Linda Perez, Pablo Quezelda, Hector Rodriguez, Christopher Arnold, Natalie Cisneros, Marty Gonzalez, Stephen Guzman, Yamile Martinez, Zuhayr Qureshi, Riley Sutton,

Mellophones: Angie Donis, Cynthia Hernandez, Teresa Vicente, Julio Garcia, Nicky Rood, Autumn Jones, Samantha Martinez, Maritza Pena, Heath Stafford, Nate Eickman, and Jaky Garcia, Jennie Sanchez

Trombones: Alex Orozco, Angel Chavez, Dustin Ho, Kaytlynn Resendez, Shannon Yeager Rood, Anthony Jacobo, Enders Cinto, Ethan Vincente, Cynthia Aguilar, Jorge Cruz, Nolyn Foubert, Yahir Guzman, Abram Sumner, Ivy Tate

Baritones: Isabel Morfin, Adrianna Resendez, Alan Avila, Kade Canders, Ariana Chavez, Ruby Christian, Alexis Baggett, Richard He, Isreal Lopez, Ben Lovain

Tubas: Logan Goodwin, Noah Rood, Stephen Tate, Daven Williams, Kevin Contreras, Collin Densmore, Blaze Fox, Alex Sebastian

Drums: Connor Padgett, Will Eickman, Anthony Lopez, David Morales, Nicholas Repp, Morgan Fowler, David Perez, Maritza Barreto, Ceasar Perez, Sean Creese, Miriam Aldridge, Drew Hodgkins, Danny Tate, Riley Anderson, Carrie Anderson, Kevin Franco, Blake Cochran, Copelan Brown, Allison Coffee, Melisa Gurrusquieta, Servando Pastor, Isaiah Rogers, Xander Smith

Drum Majors: Casey Chapman, Marlee Jackson, and Lily Stephens

Colorguard: Rachel Frankenberger, Anne Fogle Jones, Mary Kathryn Kendrick, Aurora Lopez, Molly Mashburn, Nicole Oriol, Riya Patel, Anna Rich, Kiersten Bates, Kennedy Denmon, Daisy Garcia, Chantel Johnson, Kaylee Kuehne, Floe Maddox, Mary Grace Osborne, Belinda Barrios, Ben Cass, Ashley Fuentes, Erika Guzman, Aaliyah Rivera, Jasmine Rodriguez, Melanie Sosa, Catherine Govignon, Alyza Parrott

Majorettes: Amelia Hunt, Sara Beth Vaughn, Lydia Jaime, Emily Scoggins, Gracie Smith, Lexi Bramblett, Anna Brannon, Chris Canchola, Madeline Erwin, Maggie Kemp, Tess Parker, Marlee Pullen, Ella Reeves