Although the archery team has already competed at the Georgia 4-H state indoor archery competition, several team members and volunteers attended the Warren County 4-H Indoor Archery Invitational, held on Jan. 27 at Warren County High School in Warrenton, GA. Representing Gordon County 4-H were:

-Anna Cheyenne Smith – Cloverleaf Novice

-Caitlynne Clardy – Cloverleaf Recurve

-Hannah Jones – Cloverleaf Compound

-Logan Fuller – Junior Compound

-Michael Healy – Senior Compound

-Gavin Jackson – Senior Compound

-Caleb Griner – Adult Recurve

-Randy Mitchell – Adult Recurve

-Andrew Preece – Adult Compound

Each competitor had two practice rounds of three arrows each, followed by ten competition rounds, also of three arrows each. Shooting at 10 ring targets, competitors received a score for each arrow shot based on the ring it landed in and center shots, or bullseyes, were counted as 11’s, making a perfect score a 330.

Gordon County 4-H did very well at the competition, as Caitlynne Clardy placed 3rd in Cloverleaf Recurve, Gavin Jackson and Michael Healy placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively, in Senior Compound, and Randy Mitchell and Caleb Griner placed 1st and 3rd, respectively, in Adult Recurve.

From Hannah Jones, Gordon County 4-H Junior Representative and Archery Cloverleaf Compound Team Member:

I went to the Warren County 4-H archery competition. Even though there were only a few of us that went to the competition, it’s one of the best Archery Competitions I’ve ever been to! Our team has this thing about gummy bears. We think that when we eat the gummy bears it makes us shoot better. I do really enjoy the gummy bears, but I don’t think that’s the reason we do so good. I think it’s really because of the people, friends, and family cheering you on. It’s also about how much you’re having fun and how much you are believing in yourself. I think I mostly enjoyed the bus ride back with the archery team members, being silly and having fun! I am very happy that I went! I suggest that others should definitely go!