Adairsville Police Department

Adairsville Police Department

Officers with the Adairsville Police Department prevented a man from jumping from the Highway 140 overpass onto Interstate 75 late Sunday evening.

According to records from the police department, officers were dispatched to the overpass at about 10:30 p.m. Sunday and found a man in his 30s on the outside ledge of the bridge in a dangerous position.

Reports say the man told officers, “I’m going to jump because nobody cares. Don’t come any closer. I don’t want to talk to you.”

Deputies from the Gordon County Sheriff’s Office blocked interstate traffic on the south-bound lanes while deputies from the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office blocked north-bound traffic. Gordon deputies also directed multiple tractor trailers to stop under the bridge in order to shorten the distance in case the man jumped.

At one point the individual crossed the ledge back onto the roadway of the bridge and Adairsville officers were able to tackle the man the ground without incident. He was sent to Cartersville Medical Center for evaluation and treatment.

Adairsville Police Chief Mike Jones commended officers for their action and expressed gratitude for the assistance provided by both sheriff’s officers and the tractor trailer drivers who parked under the bridge.

Jones said one of the police department’s goals is to make sure all sworn staff are certified as crisis intervention officers. He said that training, “which is specifically tailored around the handling of people in these kinds of crises,” was a contributing factor in the successful outcome of this particular incident.

“It is always our goal to protect people while enforcing the law, and the opportunity to save a life tonight was the pinnacle of achievement for our department,” Jones said.

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