Before talking about what Cabela's offers, it would be useful to talk about exactly where the store is. The address is Ringgold – 350 Cobb Parkway, 30736. That's what you use for GPS (if you want to go there) or USPS (if you want to mail them a letter).

But when you walk inside the store, high on a wall, in huge letters, you see "Welcome to Cabela's Fort Oglethorpe." That's because Cabela's is in Fort Oglethorpe.

To make matters more confusing, if you go to the Cabela's main website and wish to click on your local Cabela's, it's listed as the Fort Oglethorpe store — in Ringgold.

The US postal service assigns homes and businesses to whichever local post office it deems preferable. So blame the federal government for the confusion.

Cabela's is in Fort O, but GPS isn't about to defy Uncle Sam, so if you want to find it, try the Ringgold address — you'll get there.

Now that we have that cleared up, there are a few things you might find interesting about Cabela's.

First, according to several employees, it's a great place to work. On a scale of 1-10, Cabela's elf impersonator Sarah Trew rates the store as a 20 as far as employers go. "It's a great atmosphere," says Trew. "And I learn something new every day. It's the best place I've ever worked."

Erica Brewer agrees. "I've been here since April 2018. The management team is great. They do a lot for the employees. If you win Star Performer, they take you out to eat. They feed all the employees each month and do giveaways for us. They really care about us. It's worth making a career here."

Kristen Cordell has been with the store since it opened three years ago. "I started as a seasonal," she says. "I like the discount they give employees and all the activities they have for customers. I also like the deli — a lot of us eat here for lunch."

The activities Cabela's conducts for customers make up a long list. For those who become Club Members, besides discounts and points earned using a Cabela's Mastercard, there are VIP events after-hours in the store, in which members are entertained, fed and offered private shopping opportunities, and there is access to special outdoor events and trips.

For the general public, says Fort Oglethorpe Cabela's events coordinator Lori Gilley, there are classes on gun safety, shooting, hunting, fishing and cooking. There's family camp in the summer with activities for adults and children, including fishing lessons for kids, a bait toss contest and prizes.

"In the fall," says Gilley, "we have Sporting Dog Days where trainers bring out bird dogs and show people how they work with them. In spring or summer, we have Dog Days and invite local groomers and vets, kennels and rescues to come out and share what they do."

Gilley says that in February there's an event called "Crappie Madness" that includes fishing seminars, contests, a fish fry and the chance to win anything from a rod-and-reel to a boat or a fishing trip. There are also events at which local outfitters set up and share tips for camping, fishing and hunting trips and share what they offer.

"We have Legal Heat come in once a month to do conceal and carry classes," says Gilley. "One of our pro-staffers, Amy Ray, president of Sisterhood of the Outdoors and board member for Shoot Like a Girl, teaches shooting especially for women, including beginner pistol classes."

Cabela's offers archery classes for adults and children, and they do meetand-greets with craftsmen/women who come to demonstrate their products, like Chattanoogabased Ryan Johnson who designs, among other things, special tomahawks for the military.

"We're always developing new events," says Gilley, "so it's good to watch the calendar on our web site or follow our Facebook page.

To learn more, visit That's right — it says Ringgold, but on the page, you'll see it says Fort Oglethorpe, but on the map, you'll see it says Ringgold.